Stay Groovy

Everything is such a mess. Im such a mess. Im all over the place.
Whats wrong with me? Why cant i just stop for a second.
Stop the racing thoughts.
Stop the constant anxiety. All the opinions and values always switch around in my head and i dont even know if thats what happens. I dont know anything anymore. I hate myself so fucking much. I have no more energy to deal with anything i have no more energy im all used up to my last drop i can barely handle much more im afraid im going to break
The voices are coming back and i dont like it. They scare me. Im so confused i feel so fucking lonely and stupid and embarassed i dont even like looking at myself im so disgusted and disapointed. I annoy myself so much i dont even think other people get this annoyed with me.
They probably do im a wackjob.
Jesus, let my mind fucking sleep.